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Server & Compute

Servers for virtually any workload that is required, be it for compute or storage 

Nascent offers a variety of servers from all the key manufacturers such as well as cost-effective white-box solutions from local manufacturers.

Additionally, we also supply both Converge and Hyper-converge solutions for a more integrated approach compute.

Rackmount Servers


Offered in a variety of form factors, from 1U to 4U, our line of rackmount servers are all purpose-built to your exact specifications. From single, dual, and quad processor configurations, with flexible networking and storage capabilities, we can build the right server for your workload.


High-Density Servers

Rack real-estate often comes at a premium, and when density and efficiency are required, high-density servers are the perfect solution. Maximum rack density can be achieved with systems from a 1U with two individual server nodes, 3U with 24 nodes with a single Intel® Xeon® D Processor, and 4U systems with up to 8 dual-socket, high memory capacity, and high-performance nodes.

High_Density_Servers (1).png

Storage Servers


Our line of storage servers offer dense HDD, SSD and NVMe capacities, configuration flexibility, high availability, and reliability features, and user-friendly design for easy deployment and maintenance, making them ideal for applications such as Software-defined Storage, Big Data, AI/ML, Analytics and cloud hosting workloads.

Storage Server.jpg

Converged/ Hyper-Converged Infrastructure


Converge infrastructure is hardware-centric with discrete components that are combined into a unified solution. Hyper-converge infrastructure is software-centric and more tightly coupled. Either way, by integrating the virtualization, compute, storage, networking, security into one complete offering, these popular solutions allow organizations to reduce cost, complexity and simplify management. We offer a variety of solutions that address this requirement 


Let us help you configure your next server requirement. 

Call or reach out to us for a quote. 

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