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Banking, FinTech, 
Financial Services

New technology advancements are revolutionizing the financial services industry. From mobile payments to big data, to preventative security, it can be a challenge to leverage these advances to impact end-user expectations and company revenues. We use our deep expertise in core IT infrastructure areas like data, networking, data center, and security to architect solutions that support the security and speed requirements facing financial institutions today.

Automotive, Autonomous Vehicles, Sensors

The concept of what a car, truck and even semi-trucks are drastically changing. The convergence of four megatrends electrification, autonomous driving, connectivity and the sharing economy is revolutionizing today’s automotive businesses. Each one of these trends is powerful on its own, but the combination of all four is profoundly disruptive and creating the need for change. Being in Silicon Valley we are use to type of challenge and leverage our years of experience to make sure we are staying ahead of the technology curve in the products and services we provide.   

Pharma, BioTech, Life Sciences, Medical Devices

We work with our pharmaceutical, biotech, medical technology, distributor and consumer health clients to help redefine the future of the life sciences industry: combining the latest technology with proven reliable processes to ensure rigid regulations and security requirements are adhered to and never compromised. 

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Federal, State, Local Gov't & 
Public and Private Education 

When the only constant is change, adopting an agile mindset and culture of innovation creates new opportunities to transform the public and education sector. We help bring public sector and education services to life, affordably and efficiently, by harnessing disruptive potential and digital technologies, so they can put citizens, communities, workers, businesses and students they serve at the heart of progress.

Key Industries:
High Tech: Software, Manufacturing, Electronics

Digital innovation is rapidly changing how products are conceived, created, sold and supported. Compounded by the trend toward smart, connected and AI-powered products, this digital upheaval is driving a major pivot to "as-a-service" and other new business models. Nascent is aware of this phenomena and work closely with our clients to make sure our solutions not only meet today's requirements but are able to scale with the market they serve.  

IT Solutions for
Your Industry or Market

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