A web-based platform connecting and managing security devices at scale.

vercada command
Physical security of buildings is important more than ever. Main concerns include protection of valuable information, asset security and safety of employees and patrons. 


Physical security is the protection of property, people, and physical assets from events that could cause damage or loss. Often overlooked in favor of cybersecurity, physical security is just as important, requiring a scalable platform to avoid business risk, physical damage, theft, and system hacking to ensure uninterrupted business growth. Physical security should be a part every business workplace safety program.


Nascent takes a customer-centric approach and eliminates all the unnecessary complexities, so you can focus on what matters, and seamlessly go through your daily operations. Nascent is a single stop solution that installs, manages, and oversees your the deployment of your physical security platform.



Verkada replaces obsolete equipment with technology that’s smart, secure and easy to manage.



Cloud-based access control that seamlessly integrates with powerful video security.



An all-in-one sensor to uncover new insights.




Key Features

Command provides users with powerful capabilities to simplify and strengthen security across sites. Best of all, new features are released regularly, ensuring that users always have the latest in security technology with all data is either stored directly on the camera for quick access or in the cloud for archiving purposes, which means there is no NVR required. All you need is your cell phone, iPad-like device or desktop to manage your system and watch videos real-time, etc. 

  • Motion Search: Find footage that occurs in specific regions of interest

  • Notifications: View a feed of events across your organization

  • Life Links: Share secure access to camera footage with authorized users

  • Contacts: Speed up incident response with saved contacts

  • Timelapse: Watch hourly or daily timelapses of activity in frame

  • Time/Date-Based Search: Quickly locate footage of interest with search filters

Why Verkada

Verkada brings the ease of use that consumer security solutions provide, to the levels of scale and protection that businesses and organizations require.


By building high-end hardware on an intuitive, cloud-based software platform, modern enterprises are able to run safer, smarter buildings across all of their locations.