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Keep your workplace safe and secure


Your visitors trust you.

Let us help you keep them safe.

Guest Visitation Management


With touchless check-in, customized guest flows, document signing, and an intuitive interface, Verkada Guest makes visitor management look easy. And because it’s built within the Verkada Command platform, visitor management is now more secure. In addition, Guest enables organizations to manage the entire visitor experience – from check-in to check–out. This allows organizations to take advantage of the pre-built video and access control integrations – whether it’s reviewing video of visitor activity or remotely unlocking doors for specific guests.

Personalize Guest Experience

Create a welcoming environment for each visitor type. With touchless check-in and photo capture, badge printing, arrival notifications, and even remote unlock, administrators can create a welcoming environment. Administrators can choose from many tools that will allow them to print badges or notifications when guests arrive in order to track their location throughout the building without having an employee come out remotely unlock doors as well!


  • Select default check–in templates or create tailored flows for different visitor types with NDAs, health screens, etc.

  • Create branded welcome screens and custom printed badges

  • Touchless sign–in via QR code

  • Invite guests to check-in with a calendar invite

  • One–click badge photos for added security

  • Real–time host notifications via SMS or email when visitors arrive


Streamline mailroom deliveries & pick–up



Mailroom helps customers manage and control the flow of deliveries across all their facilities so that inventory, supplies, and deliveries get to the right people at the right time. By doing so, Mailroom helps protect our customer’s assets. Mailroom empowers businesses, schools, healthcare facilities, and others to efficiently keep track of the mail, packages, and shipments coming to their facilities, enabling them to streamline their inventory, warehouse, and supply chain operations. As a result, mailroom staff gets time back, and employees get their packages without worrying about missing something important.

Streamline mailroom operations

In just one click, Mailroom scans the label, matches the name to an employee in your directory, and sends a notification. In addition, office managers can access the dashboard for more detailed reporting, such as tracking numbers, carrier names, and more.

Ensure recipients never miss a package

Keep employees happy with simple package pickup. Automated notifications and reminders across Slack, SMS, and email ensure they never forget their packages, while photos and printed labels make finding their delivery easier.

Make your mailroom more secure

With Verkada’s camera integration, office managers can see a live view of all mailroom activity and a historical snapshot of when the package got scanned. Simply double-click to view historical footage and easily investigate lost packages.


Why Verkada

Verkada brings the ease of use that consumer security solutions provide, to the levels of scale and protection that businesses and organizations require.


By building high-end hardware on an intuitive, cloud-based software platform, modern enterprises are able to run safer, smarter buildings across all of their locations.

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