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Data Storage Solutions

Maximum performance, and efficiency for your data center or cloud infrastructure

Data comes in all forms, such as files, databases, images, raw data, structure and unstructured, etc. 


Thus not all data is the same, which is why Nascent offers a wide selection of storage solutions and services to match your requirements for storing your valued digital assets. Once processed and stored, data can be replicated, backed up or archived either on-prem, to a remote site or to the cloud or even within the cloud, should the data already exist there. Our core mission is to design and implement the most reliable, cost-effective and scalable ways to store, retrieve and manage your critical assets, with as little human interaction as possible.


Given our long history in data storage, Nascent will work hard to understand both your business and technical requirements and then research the various options, which will match your criteria. We have long relationships with both established and new and emerging storage manufactures from which to choose from. Depending on your budget, available footprint, required performance, future scalability, etc., we will make the appropriate recommendations. 


As you can see below, depending on your use case, there are many options to choose from and based on your preference, solutions can come as an integrated appliance or software-defined, where you have the option of choosing the hardware components and manufacture which meets your requirement. In some cases, you may have multiple requirements and it might be advantageous to consider a more general purpose solution for ease of management and/or fitting a tight budget. Nevertheless, we guarantee that we will be able to find a solution that meets your needs. 

Data Storage Preso V1.3 (Single Pryramid

Nascent Consulting and Professional Services


Quickly evolve your IT environment to meet growing business expectations and demand for data services—no matter where your data resides.  


Consulting Services

Leverage Nascent executive-level, high-touch consulting services to help you facilitate alignment of your business and technology goals; our proven expertise can help you define a long-term data storage strategy and operations model for your enterprise and execute on IT initiatives to drive digital transformation.

Professional Services


Mitigate risk and streamline solution design, deployment, migration, and integration—on premises and in the cloud—to bring the benefits of new technology to your business faster. Rely on our highly skilled services experts to deliver a secure, optimize environment that delivers the consistent, high-quality outcomes you expect from the start.

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